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Inspirational Healthcare Inspiration from PSFK

PSFK has compiled an analysis of healthcare trends from around the world for UNICEF, with concepts contributed by leading ad and design agencies. What’s great about the report is that they’ve made it available for download in the hope that it will inspire others to discover and create better healthcare experiences around the world.

We like what we like

Study from the Journal of Personality shows that people tend to like similar genres across media. Genres were broken down as: Consumer, aesthetics, dark, thrilling and cerebral. Odd categories, but nice step towards unifying media research.

Creativity is not styling

Dave Trott has a series of videos up on APGs Vimeo on the Art of Persuasion. In his first video he explains how true creativity is done before briefs are written, or media bought. True creativity happens in the overlap of Planning, Accounts and Creative teams. This is where you solve true business problems.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting to know your users: how mobile diaries allow for richer insights

There are multiple ways to approach user research, each with it’s own advantages and pitfalls. As technologies evolve, we are presented with more tools to help us understand the world of our users. If there’s no budget, we can use platforms such as Foursquare as part of a simple diary study. Online surveys reduce barriers faced through offline, and so on.

Peggy Hagen and Natalie Rowland have written a great article outlining how mobile self-reporting can be used to provide greater understanding and insight, and how they can feed into the design process. By allowing users to report in their own environment and on their own terms, we get a rich picture of their world. For the researcher, the ability to prompt specific recordings and ask for clarification is invaluable.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010 — 1 note

OMG what happened? Free E-book about the digital revolution


For anyone who was taken by surprise by the digital revolution, and even for those who think they know it all, check out OMG What Happened and What Should I Do? In the spirit of the digital age, Leif Abraham and Christian Behrendt have made the E-book available for free. Well, almost free. All you have to do is share on twitter, then you can download your own copy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PSFK presents Skills Of The Rockstar Planner: Understanding The Human Condition

PSFK put together five videos which, with the help of some of the best planning talent out there, summarizes what skills are necessary to be a rockstar planner.

I particularly liked one of the points made in episode 4: Understanding the Human Condition. Lee Maicon from 360i points to the very unmodern consequence of new technology, in that its effect has been a a shift from mass to individual. Getting down to the personal level makes understanding those underlying human motivations is as important now as ever.

Technologies may change quickly, but people don’t.

Your brain on the internet: Are you affected?

I wrote a quick post over on the TAXI blog. If you have a chance, take the tests linked to from the article and send in your scores via post comment. If I get enough results it could be interesting to see how those related to advertising/my circle match up.

Learning from game design

Just add points? What UX can (and cannot) learn from games

Great post from Sebastian Deterding on what UX can learn from game design. Hint: it’s more than just adding points to the interface.

Stop making crap

I doubt many CEO’s would be this honest with each other. But why not? If we could all just be a little more open and share what we really believe, things could be better. Caveat: this doesn’t mean an open invitation to criticize for the hell of it. Be constructive.

Monday, April 26, 2010